Can anyone give directions for sunbeam nursery/Al Bayyan compound near hamad hospital?

By cooldood

Can anyone give directions for sun beam nursery in Al Bayyan compound near Hamad Hospital.Not sure if it is Al Bayyan or Al Rayyan. Thanks a lot in advance.

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By amyl• 9 years 4 months ago.
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I suggest you skip that Nursery and go to Creative Child Nursery located within the Riveria Gardens Compound! It is an awesome school offering so much to todays young minds!

Hope to see you there.

By cooldood• 9 years 4 months ago.

hi got ur directions. thanks a lot again

By Lahoria• 9 years 4 months ago.
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Sunbeam is within Al-Bayan compound. It is not near Hamad Hospital though. However if you are coming from Hamad Hospital towards sports round-about, turn left (towards villagio mall). Skip first traffic lights (al-sadd) and take a U-Turn from second traffic lights. The second traffic lights crossing has 4 big advertising boards on all 4 corners (for DAMAC, Masraf Rayan, School sports day, Islamic Museum). Once you take U turn, keep in right lane, pass the Teyseer gas station and turn right on first lane, go 100 metre you will find a mosque on left side, just before mosque is the al-bayan compund. Go inside and sunbeam is on your right side, ask the guard on gate.

Hope it helps.

By a_m_rehman• 9 years 4 months ago.
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its in al-bayyan gardens. the location is next to al-saad sports stadium, near american school and doha college.

By northernlad• 9 years 4 months ago.
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al bayyan compound is on al wabb street on the way to villagio, where as al rayyan is the road fron sports roundabout down to the souq and has lulu centre and hamad hospital on it.

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