Cedars Tutoring centre contact numbers

By msmoody

Hi all! does anyone know the updated contact details for cedars? we hav been trying to get in touch since december but haven't received any replies so far. iv sent emails to the address on the web and the one posted on one of the threads here, no replies. we've called up the numbers 4688192/5830165 which i got fr their website and fr one of the threads here as well, phones dont seem to be working. iv emaild the admin manager that was posted here once as well, even PMd her here, but stil no reply. quite desperate. moving to doha by end of this month, and still no school for my daughter. HELP!

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By msmoody• 9 years 3 months ago.

Hi evryone! she is already on the waiting lists of qatar Academy, Doha College, Doha Montessori and Brit School, Park house English School, all of which don't know yet when they will be able to offer a place. And hav inquired from endless other schools which even the waiting lists are already closed. Cedars will be my saviour while waiting for a school slot. i would highly appreciate it if anyone knows the updated contact details.

By Josephine M. Rosendo• 9 years 3 months ago.
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Josephine M. Rosendo

You may Carol their accountant at 4567499 ( Primary ) 4513012 ( Secondary )

P.O Box 20397

Website: www.cedarstutoring.com

i hope this will help...

By reez68• 9 years 3 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

hi ,to get a sit for the kids in the school is a bit problem coz the waiting list is in a long q ...but u can try atdoha eng speaking school at old khalifa town n d phone no 4870170....gud luck

By anonymous• 9 years 3 months ago.
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I've faced the same problem last year. Try DMBS Doha Montessori British School. It is not far away from Cedars. www.doha-montessori.com

Good luck

By Hiflyer• 9 years 3 months ago.

saw the sign missing from outside last night, it looked closed, she may have moved but dont know where.

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