By anonymous

hi...can anyone tell me wer i can take cooking courses in qatar????privately or open....plz giv me d details of d institute wid contact details..itz urgent....

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By Aditiarjun• 3 years 11 months ago.

I conduct cooking classes at my home. You can find my ad in classifieds on Qatar Living as well as Expats-blog in the name of "Icy to Spicy Delicious Delicacies"

By Vivian Bonomi• 5 years 2 months ago.
Vivian Bonomi

I am an international chef and chocolatier and teach privately at my house, women only and will accept groups of up to 6 people. My cooking sessions consist of a 3 course meal, an entree, the main course and dessert. You may contact my through facebook or email.

By Namrata• 7 years 5 months ago.

Hi, m i urgent need to learn cooking for indian cusines ...but not frm net or books thru help of practical class , pls post if any related reply ...

By echef39• 8 years 1 month ago.

I am Robert Libunao .... I am a Project manager in a Big catering Company in Qatar . I am a registered Executive Chef in:




I was working as a Chef Trainer for Hotel and Restaurant as well as a Culinary Arts school in the Philippines .

I was an Executive/ Corporate Chef consultant in several 5 star hotels and restaurant in the Philippines as well as experience in Cruise ships to fine dining restaurants . My style is Southern californian , Asian Fusion , Chinese Korean , japanese , Italian ,french name it and I almost have knowledge of every cuisine which are popular .

I can teach you to become a Chef and can create a personalize module course for you to learn and become a Chef . But it will depend on how you absorb the training program .

You can be in charge on the laboratory work that we will be doing like :

The Ingredients for the Recipes

We can negotiate how much is my professional fee during your training . My FREE time will be during THURS NIGHT AND FRIDAY . you can contact me on this number 5805358 or thru Julie 5619377

best regards

By anonymous• 9 years 7 months ago.

any kind....sinc i dnt know ny i realy need help...

how can u help me????

By ousha• 9 years 7 months ago.

olso u can watch fatafeat channel on nilesat.they have the food network show plus the arabic shows visit their

By cherukkan• 9 years 7 months ago.

If you have interest in cooking you can learn it either from the cook books or from the demos available in youtube or other websites. I dont think that you can find a place here in Qatar where you can learn A class cooking. It will be better you choose some class recipes from some cook books or from some websites and practice it in your house for few times. If you are a telented one you will learn it easily and if you are thinking of becoming a great chef then I think you have to find a good chef to help you as there are no courses available in Doha.

By anonymous• 9 years 7 months ago.

thnx for d repliez.....

By consciouseffort• 9 years 7 months ago.

Hmmmn. Well the choice is entirely of the individual but suppose if s/he goes to attend a class there would be at least 8 ppl in the class. The chef will show them the ingredients & way to cook & would cook in front of them whereas she can do the same thing at the comfort of her home. Take a book, note down ingredients then watch the demo of cooking & take notice of tips :) On net at least you always have the facility of rewinding any particular method a number of times :) where as in reality once gone its gone :)

By anonymous• 9 years 7 months ago.

maybe what dz mean a profesional cooking class to attend

maybe he/she want to be a qualified chef...or professional chef.

if by looking the recipe and utube cannot be a good chef,


By consciouseffort• 9 years 7 months ago.

The best way to learn cooking is to watch demo & note receipe & ingredients on your book. I refer to & for any kind of receipes which are good for taste & easy to understand & make.

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