Documents needed for School Admission at AbuDhabi

By jjohn365


I am moving from Doha to Abu Dhabi with my family. My kid is currently studying in Doha and we are planning to put her in a school at Abu Dhabi.I would like to know more about

1) What are the documents that i will need for the school admission at Abu Dhabi?

2) I heard that the documents need attestation. What are the documents that needs attestation?

3) Who has to attest the documents in Doha and Abu Dhabi?

Any help in this matter will be highly appreciated.

Thanks and Regards,

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By mhazli• 7 years 5 months ago.
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I'm moving from Doha to Abu Dhabi too and wanted to know the process from any experienced QLers.

From what i check from the school websites. All the schools in Abu Dhabi have a standard documents required which are

1) Recent Year School Report

2) Transfer Certificate (you can download the format from the school's website in Abu Dhabi)

3) Some Abu Dhabi Schools have additional requirement for Report on Behaviour

You have to get the above 2 or 3 documents above written on school letter head and stamped and signed by the School, Ministry of Education Qatar, Ministry of Internal/Foreign Affairs Qatar and the UAE Embassy in Qatar.

The problem i faced is how to the attestation from the MOE and MOI/MOFA of Qatar. I don't where they are located and which dept will handle this kind of requests. Appreciate help in this.

By deedee• 7 years 9 months ago.

Your question is too general. There are many schools in Abu Dhabi and they probably all want different things. Check the website of the school you are interested in.

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