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Question about degree attestation?

By ahsan.coudhary

I have been offered a job & my employer wants me to attest my degree. This is what i have done so far, is it sufficient?
-I have attestation stamps on the copy of my degree, is that enough or i need them on my original degree also?
-I have attested copy of my degree from Ministry of Education from singapore where i have studied & ministry of foreign affair of that country.
-Also i have attested copy of my degree from the embassy of Qatar.

Is that enough to submit my degree for work or do i need further attestation?

Thank you

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By karthik27• 4 years 3 months ago.

Hi Guys

I would like to know the legalization process for educational documents for work visa in Qatar.

My educational certificates were issued from Singapore, Kindly guide me on the same.

By PerfectPudding• 6 years 1 month ago.
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The attested copies that you have are all that is required. You don't need any more.

By tinoski• 6 years 1 month ago.

Yap, U can submit them. I don't think someone else need to attest them. Those two authorities are okay.

Good Luck Buddy.

By ahsan.coudhary• 6 years 1 month ago.

Thanks for your reply, I have copy of my attested degree. It is attested by Ministry of Education & Ministry of foreign affair Singapore plus it is attested by Embassy of Qatar in Singapore. Is that enough to submit for my work? or i need to attest it from somewhere else also?

Thank you

By tinoski• 6 years 1 month ago.
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Attestation implies that the photocopy of the degree certificate you are sending is indeed from the true original certificate. So you do not need to attest the original degree certificate since it is a copy that you are sending.

You should never send the original copy of your certificate for any reason.

Hope this will help.

Cheers Buddy.

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