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Shantiniketan Indian school

By Ameeka

Dear All,

Any idea about the coaching in Shantiniketan Indian school. I am planning to admit my children in this school. Your respondses are highly appreciated.


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By TRS2000• 4 years 8 months ago.

Shantiniketan Indian School is one of the fine Indian Schools in Doha. The school is maintaining a high standards despite the low fees charged. The teachers are sincere and committed and the students' achievement is at par with premium schools in India.

By 98farhan94• 7 years 3 months ago.


I'm a student at SIS, and I can assure it to you that it is NOT a good institution to send your student to. I'm not saying this due to a personal grudge or anything, but it's all about the facts.

By odsharma• 8 years 6 months ago.

Dear,A no. of school's in the world & i believe personnel visit /going thru results/performance is more important/realistic.The openion keep changing.Have a personnel openion.better name of school but strngth in class abnormal. have alook,Good luck

By thalib01• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

its for sure shantinekatan is not upto the mark for a standard education, they might have experience in india but its wise to avoid their education here as they struggle with keeping the standards.

people who are already stuck with that school will only provide good feedback, but a long time resident... iam giving you the best bet is MES with all modern facilities and ammenities. they donot have shortage of teachers and also they are very experienced in the gulf unlike other schools....

By vselldreams• 9 years 2 months ago.

Honestly I don't know how much you can count on this forum on a matter like kids' schooling.

By vselldreams• 9 years 2 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

I think for Pre-Primary & Primary, SIS is good enough. If your kids are in this section, go ahead with SIS. Not to worry.

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