2-day Film making Workshop-Doha 2015

kadija latibu

kadija latibu
2-day Filmmaking Workshop Doha 2015 (Sep 11-12, 2015)
- hosted by award winning filmmaker Alex Klim 
Experience a comprehensive insight into the world of professional filmmaking. The workshop divides into two parts, 'Filmmaking advanced essentials' on Day 1 and an actual 'Short film production' on Day 2.
Day 1 (Filmmaking advanced essentials):  
- Photography / Videography 101 (shutter speed, aperture, ISO)
- Camera settings for the 'Film-Look' (S-Log, picture profiles, 24fps, 180˚)
- Camera lens (Crop factor, DOF, Zoom lens, Prime lens, ND filters)
- Professional audio recording techniques (Boom, Wireless Mic Systems)
- Professional light setup (Indoor & Outdoor)
- Pros and cons of HDSLR cameras
- Advanced focus pulling (follow focus techniques)
- Professional interview setup (camera position, light setup, sound setup,..)
- Aerial shooting techniques (DJI Phantom 2 / Inspire 1)
- Camera gear (Matte Box, ND filters, external Monitor, Viewfinder, Mic, Rigs, tripods,..)
SPECIAL: Freeflysystems Movi M5 gear hands on!
Day 2 (Short Film Production): 
- Pre-Production 101 (Workflow, cast & crew, storyboard, shot list, budget, equipment, call sheet)
- Short film production (Crew & cast setup, camera & audio setup, establishing shots, camera angles, OTS shots, 180degree rule, blocking actors,.. )
- Post Production (Editing, Sound FX, Color Grading, Music, Titles,..)
- Viewing & analyzing the final short film

Workshop info & details
- Join both days for the full workshop experience or book each day individually.
- This workshop is open to all aspiring filmmakers, amateur & professional photographers, creative talents and all those interested & keen to learn more about filmmaking
- Coffee, water & snacks and lunch provided


Full workshop experience, Day 1 (Filmmaking advanced essentials) & Day 2 (Short Film Production), QAR 1,830 (USD 499)

- Day 1 only (Filmmaking advanced essentials), QAR 985 (USD 269)
- Day 2 only (Short Film Production), QAR 985 (USD 269)
Contact info & inquiries
Email: alexklim@me.com