3a-ka3ba by Quickies - Lebanese Comedy Show

QL Events

QL Events

'3a Ka3ba' is a fully improvised and interactive comedy show where scenes and games are built based on the audience’s live suggestions.

Date: September 26, 2022 

Time: 8:30 PM Onwards

Location: Abdul Aziz Nasser Theatre - Souq Waqif

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The group consists of:
Fouad Yammine: A Lebanese actor, writer and musician. He has been working in TV, cinema and theater since 2003. He’s in love with songs, stories, chocolate and The Beatles!

Jad Bou Karam (OhMyJad): A multi-talented artist, passionate about acting, comedy, music and TV hosting. What sets him apart is his quick wit and his ability to create instant jokes and puns upon any given subject. He is on a constant diet.

Anthony Hamawi: A Lebanese scriptwriter, comedian and musician. He has been doing improv since 2012 alongside stand up comedy and TV shows. His main problem is that he thinks he is funny.

Tony Dagher: A Lebanese comedian, actor and musician. He started doing stand-up comedy in 2008 following mama’s advice. He’s been the least publicly known of all four…that should tell you something.