7th Local Dates Festival 2022 - Souq Waqif

QL Events

QL Events

Fans of local dates in Qatar can rejoice as the Fresh Local Dates Festival returns with its seventh edition in Souq Waqif. The festival's Organizing Committee has set conditions for the dates available for sale to encourage healthy food from these participants, including that the fresh dates featured in the festival be in the ripening stage and odor-free. Furthermore, the dates should have a natural flavor and aroma.

Time: 3 pm - 9 pm. Fridays: 1 pm - 10 pm
Location: Al Ahmad Square - Souq Waqif

Free to attend

Different types of fresh local dates, including Khalas, Al Shishi, Al Khanizi, Barhi, Iraqi, Silji, Sufri, Nabt Saif, Al Sawafi, and Khurdi, will be available at very attractive prices starting today during the festival.