Qatar 90K 2019

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The challenge- 90km starts at Corniche beside Costa Cafe on January 25th, 2019 at 4:30 AM.

After seeing the critical success of the first recorded east to west crossing of Qatar by foot on December 2017, Team Q90K was launched in March 2018.

Team Q90K consists of nineteen women and they will be taking up the challenge to run this 90 km route. In addition to that, fifteen women will also be taking part in relay teams.  

The event is set to start at 4:30 AM in Corniche beside Costa Cafe and will end in Dhukan Club House by the beach.

The earliest runners are anticipated to take 12-13 hours to reach the destination and the final runners might take as long as 16 hours.

The aims:

Even though the Q90K ladies came from diverse cultures and had different experiences, they sure have enjoyed the run in their lives. Hence, they wish to use this privilege to:


- Raise awareness of the widespread inequality of opportunity that women faces when it comes to sporting activities.

- Demonstrate women and girls from different age groups, body shapes, time constraints, family commitments and demoralizing encounters with exercise, that the running is an accessible sport and taking time off other things and giving time to self should be prioritized.

- To raise money for the incredible charity 'Free To Run' which fights for the free and full participation of women as equals in society by finding ways for them to safely engage in outdoor activities, which allows them to regain public space and slowly change views about the roles that women are capable to play in our society.

All money raised will be received via Just Giving page online: