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Why Gheras (GHERAS)?

  • Integrated Curriculum Model.
  • Balanced Approach.
  • Character Development Program.
  • Experienced Staff.
  • Emphasis on Creative and Critical Thinking.
  • Advanced IT infrastructure.
  • Distinguished Campus.
  • Extra-curricular Actives.

School Vision

Gheras International school aims at bringing up a new generation that is innovative, morally committed, scientifically distinguished, keeping up with the modern age, participating with the community and loving his nation.

School Message

1-    Providing a distinguished educational school environment for students and teachers.

2-    Effecting programs and activities to help build a good personality.

3-    Offering sustainable skills development for the school staff

4-    Providing a technological environment that helps students to innovate.

5-    Supporting the talented and distinguished students in all fields

6-    Preparing programs to handle learning difficulties (dyslexia).

7-    Implanting the spirit of sense of belonging through community participation.


  1. To build up an educational system which is up to the changes in the new millennium.
  2. To meet the demands of the continuous educational development.
  3. To strike a balance between globalism and the national heritage.
  4. To maintain Arabic values and principles.
  5. To meet the demands of the continuous scientific and technological development.


The school is located in Aldafna area at a point which is very near from downtown. The school is 100 meters from Qatar University. Thus the school can be easily reached from all Doha districts, in a short period of time which ranges from 20 to 25 minutes. 


The school covers an area of 420,000 (Four thousand & two hundred) square meters including the school premises, the football pitch, and the playground with a full capacity of 600 (Six hundred) students in all the different stages of education, i.e pre-school, kindergarten, primary. The number of students in each class does not exceed 25 student per class.

The school building was designed according to the most up-to-date architectural standards. The classrooms are spacious so that the students can move comfortably. They can reach their classes easily and safely. High standards of safety have been taken into consideration. Floors are all made vinyl. High standards of hygiene have been observed and all toilet-rooms and water closets are kept clean throughout the school-day. Also, the school has been equipped with one of the most up-to-date fire-extinguishing systems in order to guarantee the utmost degree of safety.

Contacts: 4020 6699 – 4020 6639 – 4442 2028 – 4442 2031

Address: 27 University Road; Behind SEC New Building; Near Qatar University; AlDafna Area; Doha - Qatar

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