Ajyal Film Festival - 2018

QL Events

QL Events

Sound, Camera, Action! Qatar Living is proud to be the official media partner of the sixth edition of Ajyal Film Festival where you can have a week-long exposure to the art of film.

Ajyal Film Festival is Doha Film Institute’s annual celebration of film. The word Ajyal means generations in Arabic and the audience for this festival is people from ages 8-21 who are categorized in different generations. 

This festival is all about watching global cinema, analysing them and discussing afterwards. It brings more exposure and awareness to children and young adults to stretch their critical thinking skills and to widen their depth of field, in other words, see a film beyond what appears in front of their eyes. 

People in Qatar can join the sixth edition of the week-long festival from November 28th - December 3rd. 

To learn more on how to volunteer, buy tickets and attend activities, click here!