Saoud Al Thani Awards Ceremony 2016



The late Sheikh Sheikh Saoud al-Thani's family is currently supporting this award, which will be distributed to the winners by Sheikh Hamad bin Saoud.

This year, the winners will receive gold medals with a picture of the late Sheikh Saoud al-Thani.

The Saoud Al Thani Awards for Photography will be held in Sheraton Doha Hotel's Al Majlis Hall tonight (April 14, 2016) at 6.45pm.

There will also be a photo gallery held at Doha Tower starting from April 14 and will run until April 28, 2016. 

The exhibition will include a showcase of the 80 best photographs that were submitted by photographers in addition to the winning photographs.

The Saoud Al Thani Awards is currently in its 15th year, with all the logistical and financial support coming from the Sheikh Saoud al-Thani family.

 A deep love of photographic art and the wish to communicate with people around the globe beyond racial and cultural borders through the universally appreciated photographic language encouraged Sheikh Saoud bin Mohamed bin Ali al-Thani to expand the contest from a small regional event founded in 2000 to a worldwide activity in 2013.

Organizing Committee for the award: The heirs of HH Sheikh Saoud bin Mohamed bin Ali al-Thani

President of the Jury : Mr Christian Hinterobermaier

Execution : Mr Jihad Alghazawi