The Amazing Acrobat Show

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QL Events


Adding to its robust lineup of free family entertainment, Mall of Qatar is inviting visitors of all ages to be captivated by the astounding acts of The Amazing Acrobat Show. The acro-balance performance take place daily at 12:30 pm, 4:30 pm, and 7:30 pm until the 4th of August.

The Amazing Acrobat Show, exclusively produced for Mall of Qatar, delivers an extraordinary talented act. With fascinating choreographed routines and incredible acro-balance skills, the whole show is backed by an engaging soundtrack that mixes authentic circus and traditional Russian music all with a modern twist.

The acro-balance performance originates from a traditional circus entertainment act called Banquine. The routine involves two or more bases and at least one flyer. In the case of this acrobatic troupe, four male bases form a platform with their arms and hands interlocked which two flyers use as a take-off position for somersaults and other aerial tricks.

Entree Fee: It's free!

For enquiries contact 974 40346000.