Arabian Drag Racing League Round 4



Arabian Drag Racing league has the fastest cars & bikes on earth competing in 11 different categories. The categories are split to ensure everyone has a fair chance of winning the title of being crowned “King of Arabia” The fastest cars of its kind in ADRL can push out around 4000 BHP and tend to be turbo charged or Supercharged, these cars will go over 200 mph in less than 4 second! Making it the fastest motorsport on earth.

Food and drinks are available . Children will enjoy the children's play areas on each side of the track with giant inflatable slides and bounce houses and eat cotton candy. Everyone will enjoy seeing the world's fastest cars zoom down the track, from 0 to 360 km per hour in just 4 seconds!! Amazing sights and sounds. Feel the power of the cars shake your whole body and ignite your adrenaline! 

Categories are;

Pro Modified

Outlaw 10, 5 W

4. 50 Index


Pro Bike

Super Street Bike

Street Bike

Super Street 8 cyl

Super Street 6 cyl