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QL Events

Fujifilm Qatar and Techno Blue in association with Youth hobbies Center are proud to present the “Slicing Time” photography seminar by the world-renowned photographer, Beno Saradzic.

The event is taking place on October 25, 2019, at Katara Cultural Village.


18 years as a professional 3D Architectural Visualizer, trained the Slovenian born cinematographer and photographer’s eye in the ‘art of seeing’.

He established himself as a self-taught, multi-specialist artist, and becoming an authority for distinctive realizations in the field of photography, 3D CGI (digital art), and time-lapse filmmaking.

His insatiable quest for knowledge and perfection through ceaseless practice led him deep into the rabbit hole of visual arts.

Beno has worked with many prominent and international companies including the BBC Natural History Unit, the Discovery Channel, and he was also featured on Nat Geo as well as in dozens of publications around the world.

He is a speaker, instructor, multiple winners, and a judge of numerous photography competitions. Among his most notable accolades, Beno is an Emmy Nominee, Hamdan International Photography Award (HIPA) winner, Silver Dolphin (Cannes) winner, and the Gold World Medal winner (New York Film Festival).

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 Cover and Inline Images Credit: Beno Saradzic