Bollywood Festival

QL Events

QL Events

Get ready for four mesmerising days to discover the rich culture of India and be entertained with arts, culture, movies, food and more! 

The festival is all about celebrating the beauty of the arts. Arts of dance and music, engaging in the magic and of course how can't we have an Indian festival without their amazing spices and curries. There will be lots and lots of food!!! They will have two types of food; Street food and Classical food. Many of your favorite Indian restaurants will also be there!!

Here are the activities planned for you:

Movie Theatre: They will be playing Bollywood movies; one movie Wednesday and Thursday and two movies on Friday and Saturday.

Singers and music bands will be performing on stage, dancers will showcase traditional and Bollywood dancing. There will also be all sort of talent on stage, including stand-up comedians.  

Off stage, there will be fun games, a kids’ play area, opening acts, celebrity meet and greet and before you leave, don’t forget to check out their Bollywood Bazaar, where you can get all sorts of Indian spices, clothing, jewelry and much more.

Join the festival full of colours, entertainment, food and mix of arts and cultural activities.

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