Chevy Blood Donation Drive

Jaidah Automotive

Jaidah Automotive

You're always somebody's type! Donate blood and save lives.

Jaidah Automotive is proud to once again host this importantinitiative and is open to anyone who wishes to take part.

Keep in mind the below, as per Hamad Medical Corporation:

- All donors should have original QID or Health Card or Qatar Driving License

- All donors should have had enough sleep (at least 6 hours)

- All donors should be within the age limit of 18-65 years

- All donors should be of a minimum weight of 50kg

Where: Jaidah Square, Al Matar Street, Umm Ghuwailina
When: 18 July, 9:00 am

If you require more information, please call us on 8000100.

Visit our website for directions to Jaidah Square.

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