Chinese Food Festival at Dragonmart Mall

kadija latibu

kadija latibu


A series of cultural activities will be held in China and Qatar in 2016 as part of a "Cultural Year" between the two countries, and the friendly exchanges between China and Qatar has a long history. The two sides held the "Cultural Year" together will deepen understanding of each other’s culture, history and future, promote cultural and educational exchanges and economy and trade communion.

Welcome the Qatar-China Year of Culture in 2016, and to push forward bilateral people-to-people and cultural exchanges, Dragonmart will organize activities of Chinese culture food festival during 19th-20th,Feb in Mezzanine floor food court of Dragonmart. At that time, we will invite some famous Chinese restaurant to provide a variety of Chinese food here, Like: ROYAL BAFILYON RESTAURANT, SHANG HAI GARDEN,BEIJING HOUSE ,GUANGZHOU BARBECUE ,and you will experince many Chinese traditional elements at Dragonmart.


We aim to promote Chinese culture, enrich the food cultural life of Qatar, and will provide high grade Chinese food feast to the masses of citizens. 


Through this food cultural festival, we want to show the rich and colorful Chinese cuisine, and improve the popularity and reputation of Dragonmart in Qatar at the same time, to create a healthy and happy Chinese culture atmosphere, expand the influence of Chinese cuisine in Qatar.


Chinese cuisine, rich and colorful, has, as its main features diversified color, aromatic flavor, and excellent taste. With these three characteristics, it is not only tasty but also a work of art for people to appreciate.

To make real Chinese dishes, none of the three characteristics - color, aroma and delicious taste should be excluded.

Diversified Colors:

Dishes with diversified color can usually greatly arouse people's appetite. For many years, Chinese food preparation has paid attention to aesthetic appearance.

To have a bright, pleased and harmonious color is one of the main principles when cooking dishes. To achieve this,  two or three ingredients with different colors are added as decoration to complement the main ingredient.

Thus, it is not only the taste of the dishes that makes you amazed but also its aesthetic value and also the Aromatic Flavor,Excellent Taste. 

Come to Dragonmart to taste the marveling food !!  

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