Chocolate Tea & Coffee Festival

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They are back for their second year!!! Yes, our favorite caffeine festival, Chocolate, Tea and Coffee festival (CTC) will be providing us 10 days of caffeine, caffeine and sugar and more caffeine.

It’s a very family and especially kids-friendly event. The festival will be providing six different kids activities:

  • Play Area: Outdoor park activities like seesaw and swings
  • The Tasting: Taste milk, white and chocolate and their various cocoa percentages
  • Material Transformation Zone: There will be videos screening of the complete transformation of how coffee and tea are made
  • Baking Area: Let your kids dig their fingers through cookie dough or cake batter and enjoy themselves
  • Chocolate Photography: Combining two sweet things, babies and chocolate! Take your chocolate-covered children to get pictures taken for CTC memories.
  • Inflatables and Bouncy Castle Area: Let your children bounce as high as they can!!!


Stay tuned and click here for further details. To learn more about the event, click here!


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