The Colour of Music by Philippe Van Eetvelt



As part of Francophonie Week here in Qatar, the Embassy of Canada to Qatar will host Montreal-based artist Philippe Van Eetvelt at the Qatar National Theatre for a special performance. 

Philippe Van Eetvelt has created something truly unique by creating linking each piano key to a machine that places drops of paint onto a blank sheet of paper each time a key is played.

Painted Words from DIX au carré on Vimeo.

In 'The Colour of Music', a pictorial work is the outcome of a musical piece performed on the piano.

To achieve this, an acoustic piano is connected to the “colour box”, a device devised by Philippe Van Eetvelt in which 88 syringes filled with assorted paints represent the 88 keys of the piano.

Those keys are individually connected to ultra-sensitive sensors controlled by electric valves (solenoids) which then activate a mechanism allowing the syringes to distribute paint on the canvas.

Through music and painting, “The Colour of Music” offers a unique exploration of sequential design and lays claim to the principles of art’s logic.

It's a celebration of the French language and the different cultures of the many countries of the International Organization of the Francophonie.