Doha Film Institute Presents Qumra Talks.

Farah El-Buy

Farah El-Buy

Doha Film Institute presents Qumra, an initiative that seeks to provide mentorship, nurturing, and hands-on development for filmmakers from Qatar and around the world.

Organised in partnership with the Northwestern University in Qatar, Qumra Talks is a series of three specially curated discussions, open to the public, that gathers leaders from the film, TV, technology and online worlds to share their insights on topics that add value to participants by offering new perspectives into areas that are redefining the film and media ecosystem.

Qumra Talks 1: International Digital Distribution and Marketing

On March 5, from 3 to 5PM, Under the Milky Way CEO Pierre Alexandre Labelle, Front Row Filmed Entertainment Managing Director Gianluca Chakra, and Iflix Head of Middle East and North Africa Nader Sobhan will mark the first Qumra Talk on ‘International Distribution and Marketing.’ Panellists will offer their take on the direction of the digital film distribution value chain and how independent producers can best use emerging platforms to both finance productions and recoup on their investment.

Qumra Talks 2: Writing and Producing Animation with Mike Reiss (‘The Simpsons’)

Mike Reiss, acclaimed American television comedy writer and producer, who has won four Emmys writing for The Simpsons, will take centre stage on March 6, from 3 to 5PM, as he discusses ‘Writing and Production Animation.’ Contributing writer to two dozen animated films, including Ice Age, King Fu Panda and Despicable Me, he will take the audience through his career, describing lessons learned along the way and demonstrating how all those skills come together in The Simpsons, in a lively class featuring rare animated clips.

Qumra Talks 3: Al Jazeera’s Strategic Pivot to Digital

On March 7, from 3 to 5 PM, join the Qumra Talk on ‘Al Jazeera’s Strategic Pivot to Digital.’ This panel will explore how Al Jazeera conceived and implemented a long term strategic pivot from a traditional media organization to a digital first media brand, including the launch of a digital division, the establishment of a product innovation and development practice and the cultivation of a risk-taking culture.


Qumra begins 3 March and continues through 8 March, with additional public screenings taking place 1 and 2 March at the Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium.

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