Doha kids embark on exciting choral training



Doha kids embark on exciting choral training


Doha Youth Choir & Doha Junior Choir opening opportunities for any child aged 7 & above years in the broader community of Qatar who loves to sing.  These children can join with new friends who share the same interest in a very organized and professional manner. 


DYC is a voluntary audition choir for singers aged 11+ and was founded in June 2013. Singers who are accepted are expected to be both willing and able to dedicate themselves to the choir. The singers are carefully chosen for their beautiful voices and for their ability to work. A desire to sing is the most important attribute for our singers.


Broadening the pool

“A choir’s greatest asset is its membership and a good choir needs stable and long-term members” says founder Alena Pyne.  “In Doha families are always on the move and that is our greatest concern.    Our strategy of launching the Junior Choir has evolved because of a real need for experienced singers to be available. Doha Junior Choir is for singers aged 7-10 years and it is hoped that by broadening this singer pool the number of experienced singers available to Doha Youth Choir will increase over time”.


Who is involved this year?

In addition to Alena Pyne and professional cellist and teacher Katrin Meingast this year the team will have two new teachers. Scottish born, Gail Nicholson has been in Qatar since 2000 and she will lead the Junior Choir.  Currently Head of Music at Compass International School Gail has also been producing, performing and has worked as vocal coach for many amateur music productions in Doha. Also joining the team is American tenor Zack Singerman who has coached New York Metropolitan Opera chorus and is now teaching in Doha.


Why choose Choir?

There are so many activities for kids to enjoy these days.  Here are four reasons why choir is a fantastic experience for young people.

  1. Music is good for your health. Researchers have demonstrated that when people sing together in a choral setting, their heartbeats actually begin to sync together! The benefits of learning music are many!
  2. Choir is social.  The main purpose of choral music is to make many voices sound like one voice! This requires teamwork, excellent listening skills, and above all a group mentality. In choir, you can make friendships that will last the rest of your life!
  3. Additional Skills: The study of music imbues students with many skills other than the ability to read music. Performance skills, essential to any kind of presentation, confidence, focus, and self-discipline are all skills that result from time spent in choir.
  4. Travel: One of the greatest adventures in choir is going on tour! The Doha Youth Choir will this year embark on its first international tour to Germany and it is always a wonderful experience for choristers. Exposure to other cultures, languages, and music is such a valuable asset to young minds!


The new Doha Junior Choir will participate in concerts with Doha Youth Choir around town this year.


Auditions for both choirs will take place on September 12th and 19th.  Anyone interested should email for more details or Call Telephone 5578 0355 & See