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Embrace Doha

Embrace Doha

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Expatriates coming to Qatar often face a cultural shock. Many of them have never lived in the Middle East, let alone in the Gulf, where traditions and customs are very particular and often foreign to them.

This lack of awareness leads to negative living experience for the expatriate community, which in some cases ends up in lack of adjustment. If one is unhappy in one place, one often leaves quickly.

To break this cycle, Embrace Doha uses engaging and interactive cultural sessions far from the meeting rooms, where Qatari ambassadors meet with the newcomers and talk about all the cultural questions they need to ask.

  1.  Hospitality & Greeting
  2.  Qatari clothing & dress codes
  3.  Qatari gastronomy
  4.  Qatari culture & tradition

Price: 250 QR

*Pay at the door