Existing Challenges and Innovation in Digital Health

QL Events

QL Events

Welcome back to another great event with Startup Grind Doha - ‘In it for the Long RUN’
Join us as we address the challenges and Innovation in Digital Health, and gather some great insights to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Date: 10th May at 6 PM


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About Speakers:

Droobi a virtual care company for chronic disease management using real-human coaching and an AI-driven platform. Droobi has enrolled over 30,000 members through partnerships with public and private healthcare providers, insurance companies, and employers. The Droobi program for diabetes is one of the first Arabic digital solutions that has been clinically validated in a clinical trial at Hamad Medical Corp.

Noor Jandali is Co-Founder and Head of Content at Droobi, Noor received her Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences from Northeastern University in Boston, Massachusetts.

Barry's, is a wildly popular fitness studio with more than 70 locations across the U.S. and 13 other countries including Qatar. Barry’s full-body workout, which consists of cardio and strength training, elevates your heart rate, works your muscles, and burns major calories. 

Catherine Stewart is the head trainer and manager at Barrys Qatar and represents Adidas as one of their athletes for the MENA region.