Freej Aspire opens for Ramadan 2015



Aspire Zone Foundation has opened the doors to "Fereej Aspire", which is open every night till July 6th for this Ramadan.

The Fereej – which means a traditional neighbourhood or community – will allow visitors to enjoy the atmosphere and authenticity of Qatar's ancient heritage and traditions.

There will be a host of activities at the Fereej, offering visitors the chance to practise traditional Qatari sports, to sample traditional Qatari food and to discover the art of traditional storytelling and crafts.

There will be a wide range of additional exciting activities, and a number of opportunities to win valuable prizes.

Additionally, the "Fereej Aspire" activities will also include the "Sloom" programme, which is being held in collaboration with Qatar Charity to revive traditions of the Qatari society.

The programme will present lectures, forums, traditional competitions and a number of tents including Al Akass, Al Nawakhda, Al Durzi, Al Khraz and Al Meqnas.

The Fereej Aspire event is being organised in partnership with Vodafone Qatar and Sports Corner, and will be open daily from 9:30pm until midnight.

The event will run until the 19th of Ramadan.

For directions - LOCATION MAP