Get in the Ring: Qatar



Welcome to Get in the Ring! We are proud to announce the Regional Final of Get in the Ring: Qatar where the most promising startups of Qatar will be selected.

The goal of Get in the Ring is to put startups in the spotlight, giving them a global podium from which to connect with investors and create a fan base.

In the battles two startups literally face off against each other in the ring. During the brief rounds they present their startup to a jury of Champion investors, and an audience of potential investors and fans, in a competition that can result in a potential investment for the winner.

There are categories that startups can participate in:

1. Lightweight (early stage startups/Idea stage)

2. Middleweight (3 years of operation, valuation greater than US1 million)

3. Heavy Weight (valuation greater than US 10 million)

Their goal? To become the Champion of Get in the Ring. The winners of the Qatar event will go to the regional finals in Saudi Arabia on Feb 15th.

Come join us in this unique event where you go head to head with your opponent to win the title of "Get In the Ring" Qatar