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Qatar Charity (QC) and Qatar University (QU) will host the Humanitarian Work Forum 2021 from August 18 till 19 this year, which will coincide with World Humanitarian Day celebrations.

The virtual event is the first of its type in Qatar, as it includes a significant educational and cognitive endeavor and will be attended by an exclusive group of specialists, experts, and guests from both inside and outside the country.

The forum will shed light on the challenges that humanitarian organizations, their workers, and volunteers face, and will seek to find solutions to these challenges, as well as to follow the best and safest methods for delivering humanitarian services globally, with the least amount of effort and human cost.

The forum aims to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian services by fostering effective humanitarian partnerships, leveraging innovation and technological development to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of humanitarian services, ensuring the long-term financial viability of humanitarian organizations, and increasing the participation of humanitarian organizations.

Partnerships in humanitarian and volunteer work, the importance of technology in developing humanitarian and volunteer work, and attracting and training humanitarian workers will be focused on during the form.

The Humanitarian Work Forum 2021, according to Faisal Rashid Al Fehaida, CEO's assistant for the Programs and Community Development sector at Qatar Charity, is a platform for humanitarian workers to identify and discuss the challenges they face as humanitarian organizations, aid workers, and volunteers.

He explained that it gives people the chance to share their experiences in a way that helps them design a future roadmap that would help them offer aid more efficiently and effectively, while also empowering individuals who need help and maximizing their influence.

Al Fehaida noted that the forum provides an opportunity for the youth to be attracted to and engaged in humanitarian work by allowing them to benefit from the knowledge and skills of important stakeholders through discussion sessions.

Moreover, Al Fehaida praised the efforts of the youth volunteer teams, who are continuing to work hard on the forum's preparations.

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