“I am Discovering Materials”

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“I am Discovering Materials” is a biannual event organized by Center of Advanced materials, Qatar University and targets high- school students, young researchers and inventors. It has been running for 10 cycles.

The event will provide an excellent opportunity for young inventors and researchers to meet scientific figures from wide multinational companies in Qatar. The first 2 days are an exhibition where young researchers will discuss their innovative ideas and new products in a public forum.
Over the last day, scientific figures will present a seminar discussing the latest scientific research results.

The event will consist of a mixture of short presentations in different scientific topic include:

 Smart Sensors
 Manipulation of light in the Nano world
 Environmental catalysis
 Dye-sensitized solar cell
 Food packaging
 Biodegradable materials

Venue: Ibn Khaldoun hall, Qatar University
Date: 13th December – 16th December, 2015 
Time: 9:00 am to 1:30 pm
Price: Free


 AL-Bairaq – Center for Advanced Materials (CAM)
Qatar University

 Doha – Qatar

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Email: al-bairaq@qu.edu.qa
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