Indian Beats Show

QL Events

QL Events

Mall of Qatar’s Indian Beats Show brings all the spice, color and vibrance of India and the subcontinent.

The exclusive production takes place on the Ooredoo stage, and combines music, dance, props and costumes to showcase the authentic Punjabi and Lezim Folk Dance.

20 professional artists will perform until the 18th of August with daily shows at 12:30 pm, 5:30 pm and 8:00 pm.

The Authentic Punjabi Performance with Dhol Artists Punjab is sure to blow you away, as the dances of the province of Punjab are some of the most energetic forms of performing arts, with impeccable synchronicity and drum beats that will keep your feet tapping.

The Lezim Folk Dance (Maharashtra) is known for its rich traditions. Lezim is a form of folk dance widely enjoyed by the people of Maharashtra. Dancers carry small jingling cymbals to accompany each movement of the dance.

Entree Fee: It's free!