Katara International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition


Cultural Village Foundation -Katara organizing the First Edition of International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition through the period from 20 to 24 September 2017.
The vision
To promote the hobby of hunting as well as Qatar's rich Arab heritage which we are keen on transforming into a global message through attracting participation from different countries around the world in this Exhibition and meeting the needs of Qatari falconers and hunters so that they can enjoy their hobby at the highest level of luxury.
The Exhibition will be held in the best tourist and cultural destination in Qatar, the Cultural Village. It will include stores for selling  falcons, hunting equipment, hunting guns , hunting vehicle outfitting and supplies for outdoor sports , and will also feature all the advanced technology tools needed to serve the hobby of hunting. The Exhibition will showcase hunting-related ancient artifacts from different countries.
The objective
Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition aims to support various commercial, cultural and outdoor sports activities related to hunting and falconry. Further, the exhibition aims to boost mutually beneficial relationships between amateur falconers and traders, and to explore products and services in this important youth sector.
It was decided by the Organizing Committee to hold the Exhibition under the name “Sohail” (Canopus), which is a star that has been closely-related to hunting. Hunters eagerly wait for Sohail, year after year, as it marks the beginning of overlanding journeys, hunting and falconry when the temperature started to drop gradually and falconers get ready for the upcoming season and prepare all their hunting items and equipments.
The day of 24 August each year is the 1 Sohail, which is followed by falcon migration  approximately  20 days after.
 It is divided into four phases starting with “Attarfah”, which extends for 13 days and is characterized by cool temperature at night while hot temperatures are still recorded during the day. The second phase is “Ajjabhah”, which extends for 13 days and it is the first star of Autumn where nights become colder and days become cooler. Then, “Azzubrah” starts, which also extends for 13 days and in which nights are too cold that sleeping in the open is not recommended. The final phase of the star “Sohail” is “Asarfah”, which extends for 13 days and marks the end of hot weather. Sohail star was the subject of many poems of both classical Arabic and Nabati poets.
Activities and Events 
Katara's International Hunting and Falcons Exhibition is one of the largest international exhibitions specialized in falcons, which will include numerous activities and events; namely, falcon ​auction and exhibitions for falcons and haunting. A pavilion will be also dedicated in the Exhibition for haunting-related handicrafts and falcon supplies.
The Visit to the exhibition will be available to the public (free entrance).