Katara PlayStation Championship 2018

Lindsey Steenkamp

Lindsey Steenkamp

If you are a playstation boffin, why didn't you mix it up and take part at the Katara Playstation Championship.

Free event but registration is required on www.katara.net
31st May - 5th June 2018
10:00 pm - 11:55 pm

​​​​​Cultural Village Foundation - Katara organises Katara PlayStation Championship 2018 "FIFA 2018"

Terms and Conditions:
1. Registration will start from 2 - 8 Ramadan 2018
2. Registration will be done through the website with the attachment of the ID
and a personal photo
3. The championship is open to all nationalities, Qatari citizens and expatriates
alike. Expatriates must possess a valid resident permit.
4. The championship is open for males only, aged 10 years old and above
5. Tournaments will be played individually
6. To confirm your registration process, SMS will be sent to your mobile
7. Registration will be closed upon completion of the number of the participants

Championship Awards:

- 1st winner: awarding cup and a financial award worth 10,000 QAR
- 2nd winner: awarding cup and a financial award worth 7,000 QAR
- 3rd winner: awarding cup and a financial award worth 5,000 QAR

Rules and Regulations:

The tournament will be done in knockout cup with a maximum number of 64 participants divided to 2 groups(Fifa 2017)
Each group will be 32 participant
Cup with Knock out Mode
Match will be 10 Min
Game will be Tactical Mode
Camera setting based on agreement between players or use (Tele)
First and second winners will be selected from each group

Penalties and in-complete rounds:

1. Absence of the player will result in losing the match (0-2)
2. Participants must behave respectfully and courteously in the spirit of fair play
towards the players and organizers.
3. In case of any violations, the organizing committee has the right to suspend the
player from the competition.

Information and Images courtesy of Katara Hospitality