A New American Curriculum kindergarten, located in Dafna, is open for admission



Dafna International School-Kindergarten is accepting children for the ages 3-5. 

At Dafna, we offer a broad and balanced curriculum based on the US Common Core Curriculum, that is tailored to the students’ individual learning needs. 

This program holds the belief that children learn best through natural, meaningful, integrated experiences that are relevant to their lives. 

The classroom is child-centered and active. 

Experienced, qualified teachers respect students’ prior knowledge and build upon their competence. 

The teachers recognize the importance of trial and error, risk taking without fear of failure, and the need for time to grow. 

The teacher facilitates learning by modeling and engaging students in a wide range of activities. 

Students are expected to take an active role in their learning and are encouraged to experiment and think for themselves. 

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