No-Nonsense Finance Talks

kadija latibu

kadija latibu

No Nonsense Talks - Doha by Mr. Randell Tiongson, RFP

Sept 17 - Retirement & Estate Planning: Planning for retirement and leaving a legacy do not have to wait until you're 60 years old

Sept 20 - Economics for Investors 
This program will discuss the rudiments of economics especially matters that will have an effect to investors. How does interest affect investments? How does inflation play a factor in growing your wealth? How does monetary policies used to spur the economy?The program will touch up on basic macroeconomic learning as well as a thorough look on the Philippine economy as a bonus feature of the event.  

It is high time that we all understand economics and how it affects our everyday lives! - J. Randell Tiongson

Email to register or click on the Eventbrite link for details.

Special rates for early birds and barkadas are available until Sept 6.

Enroll in more than one session and get 10% discount on total registration price.


Contact: Rhea - 3315 5376 ; Ramil - 5513 0053