Pant for Paws 2016

kadija latibu

kadija latibu

Paws Rescue Qatar are proud to be partnering with Live Life Crossfit to host our Inaugrual Crossfit inspired Triathalon at The Intercontinental Doha.

Given below are some details about the event-
3 Stages: SWIM BIKE CROSSFIT consisting of 40 minutes per stage 

2 Categories: Individual or pairs (you will need to state later on how you are entering). 

Competers will be given 40 minutes to complete that stage whereupon you will then ALL rotate to the next stage (whether successfully completed or not).

There will be 2 rotations, thus giving all participants the opportunity to complete all stages.

Stage 1: Sea Swim – 40 mins to complete as many rounds of the designated circuit as possible. For pairs, one athlete will swim while the other rests. Approximate distance per lap 50 metres.

Stage 2: Indoor Cycle – 40 mins to cycle maximum distance. For pairs, each athlete will ride a max of 2 minutes each before switching team mates. The total distance will be your score.

Stage 3: Beach CrossFit – 40 mins to complete as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) of designated CrossFit movements. Score is total rounds+reps after 50mins. 

Each athlete/pair will be given a score after completing each stage (Winner gets 1pt, 2nd = 2pts etc). The lowest total score will win. 

Prizes will be awarded to the top three individuals or pairs.

For further details, visit the Facebook page of Pant 4 Paws