Qatar Pinoy Festival 2018

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If you can’t travel to the Philippines for various reasons, the Philippines is coming to the people of Doha!

Qatar celebrates Pinoy Festival which is the place to be to enjoy Phillippines’ culture. They will be having lots of activities for all ages, live performances, battle of the band and karaoke challenge and lots and lots of foooood!

The festival will be divided into four zones: Trade zone, Food zone, Kids zone and Entertainment zone.

Cultural Performances:

Keep your eyes locked on stage to enjoy great performances from two international bands. They will be performing cultural dances, while wearing barosaya/malong traditional costumes.

This will happen on Thursday and Friday nights.

Local Talent Show:

Solo artists and dancing groups in Qatar will be showing their talent and faces on stage and winning gifts! Snap them, Insta-story them and show them your love and support!!

Beat the Band:

Are you in a band and want to be famous? Well, this is your golden ticket! They will be hosting a battle of the band where local and international judges will be deciding on the winner. There’s also a celebrity coming, so clear your throat and tune your guitars.

Karaoke Challenge:

All that singing to Taylor Swift’s songs can finally come in handy! There will be a Karaoke challenge where you can display your melodic voice. The challenge is to mimic the voice of the song you choose.

Kids Fashion Show:

Walk that runway! There will be a large audience for this. Bring your kids to fabulously model their looks, fashion and talents. There are three categories; Ages 5-7, 8-10 and 12-15.

There will also be carnival games, kids play area and meet and greet celebrities! 

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