Practical Lab: Directing Actors

Tatiana Ermakova

Tatiana Ermakova

In collaboration with La Fémis, the Institut Francais Qatar, the French Embassy in Doha, FNAC and Fifty One East.

This practical and informative six-day workshop aims at improving the directing skills of filmmakers by highlighting the importance of adapting their scripts for shooting. Participants will learn first-hand how vital it is to contextualise their scripts, and how to best prepare before directing a scene. This training workshop will also help directors to improve their casting skills by teaching them how to evaluate the potential of an actor for a given role. Finally, participants learn the best way to approach a shoot, how to direct actors, and the relationship between the breakdown (shot-list) of a scene and the directing. During the course, participants will take turns directing scenes, offering observations and analysis to each other through group discussions.

Dates: 23 to 28 September 
Application Deadline: 28 August 
Sunday to Thursday 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Friday 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Language: English
Fee: 1000 QAR 
Group Size: 5 participants 
Ability Level: Intermediate to Advanced

For more information and submisssion requirements, please visit