Qatar Camel Festival 2022

QL Events

QL Events

Qatar Camel Festival by Qatar Mzayen Club نادي قطر لمزاين الإبل 

in the Lebaysser area, in its new style, is the first version and is based on several competitions related to camel groomers, in which competition is held to choose the most beautiful she-camel or group of camels.

The festival aims to preserve and enhance the heritage in Qatari culture, preserving camel breeds, and a forum for camel owners and lovers. It also aims to educate the younger generations about the importance of Qatari heritage and traditions, to preserve the sport of parents and grandparents, and to familiarize young people with it. The festival, through events and activities, also contributes to the development of cultural tourism and stimulation of economic activity, attracting more visitors to the events.

Location: Lebayyser, Al Shahaniya

Timings: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

As a visitor, you can enjoy seeing and feeding the camels, enjoy the exciting races, and much more. Here is what to expect: