Qatar Custom Show 2019



Qatar Custom Show
Venue: Aspire
Dates: 11-12th of January

Don’t miss the parade as they gather at the Museum of Islamic art from 1-2pm 
Parade begins the ride at 2pm from MIA to Aspire

Friday- 11th of January 2019

15:30 Opening Ceremony
Recitation of Qura’an Kareem
National Anthem 
Inaugural Speech
16:00 – Competition Begins 
Slow Drag Race
Skill competition
Trike Drift
Tug of War
19:00- Prize Giving

Saturday- 12th of January, 2019

15:00 – Competition Begins 
Slow Drag Race Finals
Skill competition Finals 
Trike Drift Finals
19:00- Prize Giving

See you there!