An Opportunity to Qualify for World Cup Jumping 2018

The Qatar Equestrian and Modern Pentathlon Federation will once again be organizing the Qatar International and Al Rayyan Show Jumping competitions. 

The competitions will be held on back to back weekends with the Qatar International Showjumping Competition being held from 16 – 18 November 2017 while the Al Rayan International Showjumping Competition will be held the following week from 23 – 25 November 2017. 

These competitions are part of the Arab Tour that comprised 17 rounds of competitions held in various countries in the Middle East and Levant.  Points are awarded to each rider for winning the respective competitions and the overall champion is declared based on points accumulated for their best 7 rides.

The World Cup Jumping 2018 will be held in Paris from 10 - 15 April 2018.  These competitions will serve, therefore, as qualifiers for the World Cup Jumping event.  As such, we expect a high level of competition as some of the world’s best show jumpers compete in Doha to qualify for World Cup Jumping 2018. 

We have received 52 entries from 12 countries for these competitions.  Some of the best international riders will be participating in the competitions including last weekend’s Global Champions Tour winner, Mohamed Bassem, Sheikh Ali Al Thani and Edwina Tops-Alexander of Australia. Equestrian enthusiasts can expect to enjoy exciting and thrilling competitions over the next 2 weekends

Please come and support the riders as they compete to qualify for the World Cup Jumping 2018.

Save the Dates:16-18 November

Time: 13:30 to 18:00

Venue: Qatar Equestrian Federation – Al Rayyan

Entrance: FREE

For more info, visit: