Qatar International Food Festival 2018

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Qatar Living

Food lovers are in for a treat. After all, some of the best food from all over the world will be served at this year's Qatar International Food Festival.

Enjoy a true celebration of the finest food and the most appetizing events in the company of some of the world’s best gastronomic maestros.

The festival will run from March 15-25 at Hotel Park.

4:00pm - 11:00pm on weekdays
4:00pm - 1:00am on weekends

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By britexpat• 3 months 1 week ago.

These are money making events and not 'food festivals'

By iansmoo• 3 months 1 week ago.

Really disappointed with this festival at Mia park over the last two years, not enough places to sit when eating and poor choice for vegetarians, some of the stalls didn’t even bother stocking their veggie options but still advertised them on the menu.  Cramped too busy and not enough space.  The one at the pearl was terrible, the one at Katara was too small and a non event.

By Rowan020• 3 months 1 week ago.

On this type of festivals, we got different dishes to eat and also we have a lot of option to do fun there.The writing companies start organizing festivals in our cities and it will be good for students.

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