Qatar International Rally 2016



Mr.Nasser Al Attiyah welcomes all participants to the Qatar International Rally.Doha will be hosting the opening round for the Middle East championship schedule to happen from the 4th to 6th February.

Details of the event are as below;


Thursday Dec. 2nd 2015
12.00hrs Entries open QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd.; DOHA

Thursday Jan 14th 2016
18.00hrs Entries close at reduced fees QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd.

Thursday Jan. 21st 2016
18.00hrs Entries close QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd

Thursday Jan. 28th 2016
18.00hrs Announcement of the final entry list. QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd

Monday Feb. 1st 2016
18.00h/ 20.00hrs Registration for reconnaissance
Issuing of Road-Book / LEG 1 QMMF Office, Collection of Recce Time cards, Salwa Rd
and Tracking units
Tuesday Feb 2nd 2016
08.30 till 16.00hrs Reconnaissance allowed for section 2/3
18.00hrs Issuing of Road-Book / LEG 2 QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd.
20.00hrs Closing date for co-driver details QMMF Office,
Salwa Rd.

Wednesday Feb 3rd 2016
08.30 till 16.00hrs Reconnaissance allowed for section 4/5
16.00 till 20.00hrs Administrative Checks QMMF Office,
(All documents, materials and number Salwa Rd.
Panels will be distributed during the
Administrative Checks).
20.00 till 20.30 Drivers’ briefing QMMF Office
4th – 6th Febuary 2016 Page 2
Salwa Road

Thursday Feb 4th 2016
09.30 till 14.00hrs Scrutineering - sealing and marking QMMF Office
(Scrutineering, marking and sealing Salwa Rd
Accordingly to the timetable issued
by bulletin at the Administrative Checks)
14.00hrs Pre-event press conference QMMF Office Salwa Rd
15.00hrs First stewards' meeting QMMF Office Salwa Rd
15.30hrs -Publication of the Ceremonial start list QMMF Office Salwa Rd
-Publication of the Start list section 1
-Publication of the Start list Section 2
15.00/16.00hrs Timeframe for cars to enter the Doha Corniche
the Pre-Start Holding Area
16.00/18.00hrs SSS1 Reconnaissance on foot Doha Corniche
18.00 Ceremonial start Doha Corniche
19.00 Start of Rally
19.03 Start of SSS Section 1, Leg 1 Doha Corniche

Friday Feb 5th 2016
09.00hrs Start Section 2 & 3 Leg 1 Aqua Park
19.00hrs Publication of start list for Leg 2 QMMF Office
Salwa Rd

Saturday Feb 6th 2016
8.00hrs Start Section 4 & 5 Leg 2 Aqua Park
16.00hrs Finish Ceremony and Prize Giving QMMF, Salwa Rd
17.00hrs Final scrutineering QMMF Office Salwa Rd
17.00hrs Post-event press conference Media Centre
QMMF Office Salwa Rd
4th – 6th Febuary 2016 Page 3
18.00hrs Publication of the provisional final QMMF Office Salwa Rd
Classification on the official
notice board

Rally Office/ Media Centre

Thursday Feb 4th 2016

09.00/ 17.00hrs Rally office open/ Media centre open QMMF Office Salwa Rd

Friday Feb 5th 2016
08.30/ 20.00hrs Officials can be contacted daily at QMMF Office Salwa Rd
QMMF offices

Saturday Feb 6th 2016
07.30/ 20.00hrs Officials can be contacted daily at QMMF Office Salwa Rd
QMMF offices