QatART Art & Craft workshop and pop-up shop

kadija latibu

kadija latibu

Watercolor floral painting workshop by Zakkiya Hamza (Workshop room) for age 10+, price is QR60 per hour 

Attendees will learn how to create whimsical floral wreaths, flower paintings and the basics of watercolors in this fun workshop. The workshop is great for beginners who are willing to do more in watercolors. You'll also learn to blend, layer and create interest in watercolor painting.  

Paper Quilling (filigree) Art by Shuara Iqbal Hussain (Studio 3) for age 10+, price QR150 per participant 

Participants will learn basic paper quilling techniques and apply it in making sturdy and water resistant paper jewelry. To learn this art precisely shredded paper strips, quilling needles, jewelry findings, varnishes etc. will be provided  

Flip book animation workshop by Aisha Al-Jaidah (Studio 1)

for age 7+, price QR120 per session (all collected fees will go to ROTA charity) 

Participants will be learning flip book animation. And will be animating a bouncing ball on paper. Each participant will get a notepad and a pencil. 

Duration will be 45 minutes and then can be repeated. 

Cookie decoration with Royal Icing by Yanelis Garcia (Workshop room) for age 18+, price is QR120 per participant 

It’s all about sugar. Participants will learn how to decorate a cookie with the Royal Icing from an instructor with more than 15 years of experience.