QIFF 2015 - Qatari Culinary Training Course

Qatar Living

Qatar Living

Calling all professional Chefs!

Interested in learning about Qatari and Khaleeji cuisine? Then you can't miss this year's newest workshop at Qatar International Food Festival 2015 (QIFF).

Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA) and Qatar Airways (QA) are co-organisers of the festival, and this year they have provided for arrangements to further increase the knowledge of Qatari food heritage within the country.

All professional chefs from the hotels in Qatar have been invited to attend this innovative course. Each hotel may send one chef as its representative, whilst any of the other chefs may attend on any of the other days of the festival.

The workshops will provide attendees with information and guidance on the preparation of traditional Qatari cuisines through the teachings of Chef Aisha Al Tamimi.

There will also be a focus on more innovative Gulf regional cooking courtesy of Chef Fawwaz Al Omim. 

The 2-hour course will be held at MIA Park for the duration of the QIFF 2015 event. If you are interested in attending please contact your hotel management for further information.

You may also contact QIFF through email: industry@qatartourism.gov.qa.

You will be required to wear your hotel-branded uniform throughout the training.

Workshops Times: 25th - 28th March from 2pm until 4pm.