QND 2019 celebrations at Katara Cultural Village

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QL Events

It is that time of the year when national pride and patriotism can be felt the strongest. For citizens and expatriates alike, Qatar National Day (QND) is an occasion to celebrate, express love and respect for this nation that has risen above all challenges to achieve excellence across various fields. 

Festivities marking the day have already begun at several locations across the country, offering visitors a chance to connect with the country's rich past and fascinating cultural heritage.

If you haven't yet made plans on where to head out, Katara Cultural Village will today feature a special operetta, 'This is Qatar,' which is one of the highlights of its QND celebrations this year.

The concert is directed by Nasser Abdul-Reda and features Qatari singer and record producer, Fahd Al Kubaisi, Kuwaiti artist Ibrahim Dashti, and Asil Hamim of Iraq along with the participation of various international exhibition teams.

Timings for the concert are from 7 pm and 9 pm today at Katara’s Amphitheatre. The show will also be held on Thursday, December 19 at the same time and location. 

In addition to the operetta,  the celebrations will also see the Qatari Joint Special Forces display the ‘Show of 41 Paratroopers,’ ‘Paramotor Show,’ and ‘Show of 10 Paratroopers’ followed by parachute fireworks at the Katara Esplanade. Timings for this segment will be from 3 pm until 10 pm.

This is the only day that the Qatari Joint Special Forces will be holding these shows at Katara leading to the National Day festivities.

On the sidelines, there will also be the display of drones.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy’s folklore shows at Katara to mark the ongoing FIFA Club World Cup Qatar 2019 will also be held on December 16, 18 and 19 from 3 pm-10 pm.

The show will see the participation of 15 international communities from Pakistan, Korea, Japan, Palestine, Bangladesh, Uganda, Nepal, Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Jamaica, Tunisia, Mexico, Sudan, and Ghana.

Apart from this, Katara is also hosting a cultural market, heritage collections, “Qadimek Nadimak” an exhibition of antiquities, national shows, competitions offering gifts, and PlayStation championship (FIFA 2020).

The ‘Loyalty Book of the National Day’ is once again on display. The book contains the signatures of visitors of previous years and is being showcased for the seventh consecutive year.

A large number of activities and events of national culture and heritage are being held at Katara since December 11 in cooperation with various ministries, and government and private entities.

Qatar’s national dance Ardha, at the waterfront, provides the quintessential fervor as the celebrations are enjoyed by all leading to the National Day on December 18.


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Source: QNA