Qumra. A Space for New Voices in Cinema

Tatiana Ermakova

Tatiana Ermakova

Doha Film Institute presents Qumra, an initiative that seeks to provide mentorship, nurturing, and hands-on development for filmmakers from Qatar and around the world.

Film projects at various stages of production have been selected to benefit from the experience of five acclaimed Qumra Masters, as well as bespoke mentorship labs and business meetings with international experts.

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We are delighted to invite members of the local and regional creative industries to participate in Qumra, where they will have the opportunity to attend:

• The Qumra Master Classes, led by acclaimed filmmakers
• Qumra Screenings of feature films presented by the Qumra Masters and recipients of funding from the Institute, followed by question-and-answer sessions
• The Qumra Talks, which are panel-style discussions that cover a broad range of topics

To learn more about the Qumra Pass and to register, please visit http://www.dohafilminstitute.com/qumra/qumrapass.