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Are you ready for the first head-to-head T3 buggy race every to be held in Qatar?

Red Bull Qaher El T3ous, the exceptional, desert-racing event invites motorsport amateurs and Qatar's dune racers to compete against each other, off the beaten track, on different tricky terrains.

Part of the race uniqueness is that all spectators will witness the full race, from start to finish line, right from the edges of their seats!

Supported and supervised by Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), Qaher El T3ous - which means the conqueror of the dunes - will offer a challenging yet safe platform for the desert racing enthusiasts.

Qaher El T3ous also promises to offer competitors and spectators a fun-filled event.

Spectators can purchase tickets to attend the event from Virgin Megastores.

1st Place prize is an enviable T3 buggy, while 2nd and 3rd place winners will receive valuable prizes provided by Speed Marine.

To participate, REGISTER HERE.

Spectators tickets

Everyone in Qatar is invited to witness the epic event at Sealine, and enjoy a fun-filled day with activities.

The VIP area promises the best seats in the house, accompanied by luxurious catering with open food & drinks.

A) Standing Area: Free of charge.
B) Grandstand Seated Area: 49 Qatari Riyals.
C) VIP Area: 399 Qatari Riyals.

Spectators tickets are available for sale here or in all Virgin Megastores outlets in Qatar.

Rules & Regulations

1) Each participant should have the following items to be able to compete:

- Open, closed helmet or MX helmet with goggles.
- Gloves.
- Overall racing suit.
- Closed shoes (covering the ankles).

2) Participating T3 buggies should have the following safety requirements:

- Stable fixed driving seat.
- Fixed tank.
- Fixed battery.
- 4 or 5 clip seatbelt (in case of 1 clip seatbelt the car should have safety net on both side windows.
- Roll cage (if any roll cage is welded the participants won't be allowed in the race).

3) What is not allowed?

- Sand tires are not allowed.
- Flags or pole flags are not allowed.
- No co-pilot is allowed.

If you're interested in participating in this desert race, REGISTER HERE.

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