Seasonal Fun Tennis Social

QL Events

QL Events

Seasonal Fun Tennis are hosting seasonal group tennis lessons this Ramadan. They provide Tennis lessons for beginners and intermediate players.The main aim of our event is to make tennis accessible to everyone in Qatar at a very reasonable price.
If you are into tennis and would like to learn to play as a beginner or even improve tour game we would definitely recommend this course.

The courses available are:
Kids group lessons (4 y.o. and over)
Ladies group lessons
Mom and child group lessons
Mixed group lessons for both men and women.

All lessons will include tennis techniques training along with health and fitness exercises and recreational socialising activities.

Kindly note that registration is mandatory and can be done online or by call.Limited number of students for each group sessions.

Here is our their website for further information:

Oasis Beach Club, Ras Abu Abboud Expy, Doha, Qatar
17 - 30 June 16:00 – 19:00