Short Documentary Lab with Pablo Iraburu and Miguel Garcia

Farah El-Buy

Farah El-Buy

Making a documentary is much more than simply filming what surrounds us. It can be a way of understanding the world, a tool to make it a better place, an art form where you can find your own voice. This intensive lab is designed to introduce young people to the world of documentary filmmaking. Through watching and discussing, they discover the possibilities of the genre. They learn new ways of looking at the reality that surrounds them, and where to find powerful and engaging stories. They are trained to open their eyes to what is going on around them as well as to themselves, helping them find their own unique way of telling stories that come from their world.

In small teams, students make short documentaries from initial concept to final product. By going through development, research, pre-production, filming and recording images and sounds, editing and post-production, students experience the complete process of making a film.  Experienced professional mentors guide students throughout the filmmaking process. The goal of the lab is to provide new skills, to discover cinematic language, and to transform students into filmmakers who are ready to change the world and tell their stories.

Application Deadline 17 March, 2017

Dates: 14 April to 24 May, 2017

Friday: 2:00 – 7:00 PM

Saturday:  10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Sunday through Wednesday:  5:15 – 9:45 PM

Thursday: no session

During pre-production and filming, participants may be asked to make time outside these hours, including on weekdays during the daytime.

Language: English

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