Sports Without Boundaries: Willpower

Qatar Living

Qatar Living

Olympic bronze medalist and five-time Senior World medalist and World Champion, Ibtihaj Muhammad, and comedian, athlete and disability rights campaigner, Nawaal Akram, sit down with UK journalist Remona Aly to discuss their personal and triumphant journeys in the face of adversity, as well as their dedication in taking inspired action to facilitate inclusivity and diversity in sport.

Ibtihaj became the first American woman to compete in the Olympics in hijab in 2016 - winning bronze. Alongside being a world-class fencer, she is an author, activist and entrepreneur. Nawaal is a comedian, model, athlete and disability rights campaigner, who was forcibly removed from school due to lack of adequate provisions for differently abled students, and now uses her platform to advocate for education for all.

These brilliant speakers will be sharing their personal journeys to illustrate just how astronomically having willpower can change your destiny.

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